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For realzies. Lemme know.

I also recently received a CHALLENGE to the most lesbian thing ever.

If two 20 somethings talk about fanny packs they actually own and actually wear in real life while they are hooking up, how gay is that? Like rainbow cat...that's a 10. I'm gonna say this convo clocks in at about 8.5. You be the judge.
Now if you were talking about fanny packs while hooking up wearing nothing but the fanny packs...then there would be a frickin flag on the field. And you would be the most awesome person ever. So there you go. New life goal for you kids. Just think about all the friction those fannies would cause.



  1. Haha what if you kept your dildos and toys in your fanny pack while hooking up? Triple word score.

  2. Just plain genius. Pull them out as needed. Money in the bank. Shorty what u drank. Maybe bacon lube.