That might put me in the hole

C: omg in bed eating pizza listening to closer to fine
B: had to google Closer to Fine
  not big on Indigo Girls
 C: um you just lost 10 million gay points

So not a hot dog

C: I could go for a delish cold puppy right now and punkey brewster
B: why does the puppy have to be cold
C: chili dog i mean

I thought we were on to something

C: my uncle is watching cops
 B: hahahaha
  that still comes on?
 C: hell yeah on fox
 B: we'll lets just create the new Cops
  brainstorm, on
  talk about staying power
 C: haha what do you mean new cops?
 B: like a show as easy to shoot and as ignorant that people will watch forever
 C: Toads
 B: hahahahaha
  and ruin hundreds of Yalies' futures?
  I would feel guilty
  does Harvard have a Toad's equivalent?
  of course not
 C: no, Boston sucks