Don't drop the soap

In case you didn't know (because why should you?) Lindsay Lohan is going to prison for 90 days...or 23...or none. Read the linked story. Go ahead. I'll wait.

What the f, RIGHT?!?

How about instead of hoping evil lesbians get their hands on Lindsay Lohan you report on the actual NEWS like the condition of the prisons or the fact that this one, like pretty much all of them, is overcrowded. 

1. The title is bullshit
2. Lindsay Lohan probably has a bed bigger than a double. I would.
3. The percentage of black women in that jail will probably be around 50%. How many of them do you think know who Lindsay Lohan is? Guessing no one's favorite movie is Parent Trap. In fact, I'm guessing none of them have seen it. Because if they saw it then they had Disney Channel. And we all know Disney Channel is the number one preventative measure for a life of crime and deviance. Number 2 is being white.
4. Guess everybody in jail is a lesbian. Just funny that they would demonize lesbians like that. I'm just saying I've never seen a news story about gay gangs waiting to get their hands on T.I. He's a good looking guy. I think he should be offended that nobody wrote a news story about his inevitable rape.

Gay Guy Gangs Ready to Lick Lil Wayne's Lollipop. Where's that headline?

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