LeBron leaves Cleveland

NBA players can be accused of rape, adultery, and all sorts of abuse but LeBron signs with a different team and people are crying and burning jerseys? Priorities? Anyone?

Ignore everything else surrounding this debacle and focus on this. People are mad at LeBron for leaving Ohio. OHIO? He's rich as shit! You can't even properly ball out in Ohio.

This is how conversations used to go:

Ay Bron? What you get your kid for his birthday?
Oh, I bought him a wind farm.

Hey LeBron? What you gonna spend all that Nike money on?
Actually I'm saving up so that I can move the whole state of Ohio somewhere else.

Ohio? Think of all the ballin' ass places he had to choose from.

Chicago...he could buy the Sears tower, live in the best city ever, and possibly get shot.
Miami...he could pour champagne on retirees, double date with Dwayne Wade, and watch oil wash up on the beaches.
Clippers...he could buy some fans. Or the Real L Word franchise. Maybe then their promos would use puppets instead of glowing vadges.

Think of all of the NBA players that have cracked under the pressure of fame...or just cracked...or just smoke crack. This is the worst thing he's done? Had a TV special that benefited charities? Really? Kobe can speak 4 different languages and he still didn't understand what the word no meant. LeBron has had a career with a relatively small amount of controversy. Leave that man alone.*

*I reserve the right to retract this statement at any given time for any reason I see fit.

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