Eff Purses

Zomg. Fanny pack alert!

Why am I so late to find out that Rihanna has been spotted rockin’ a fanny. Does this confirm all of the rumors that she is in fact te amoing her BiFFle? As we all know, lesbians love their fanny packs. Right?

Wrong! Who the hell likes fanny packs? Lesbians in Minneapolis, that’s who. But just for funzies let’s pretend that any lady loving lady under the age of 50 would wear a fanny pack non-ironically. Does this lend credence to the Rihanna argument? Or is this just one of those things that hip hop/R&B artists and lesbians have in common. What else you ask?

Wife Beaters


Leather Jackets


Hmm...that last one might be a bad example if you get my drift.

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