The Two Try Rule

Public bathrooms. Oy.

Don't you hate when there's a line then you finally get in a stall and it looks like a drunk four year old just went. That’s why you have the two try rule. Guys may not know it but ladies do. You go the toilet and there’s a minor infraction. Little pee on the toilet. Some water on the floor. Something you can live with...but another one just opened up! Do you take the chance? Do you move to the next one or brave the situation? Cuz if you go in the next one and it’s something really bad then you're an ass for holding up the line trying to find that perfect stall. Can't go to the other one because someone went with their gut on the first stall. They just wiped the pee, avoided the water, and now they are pissing in peace. At this point you gotta take stall number two or abandon ship. You don’t wanna be the woman getting the stank face in the public restroom. That’s not cool. You never know when that shit could come back to haunt you.


  1. you could learn to pee standing up. its possible for women.

  2. I've heard such things. I think I would have to see this to believe it and this conflicts with the fact that I don't really want to see it.