The Nod - Revisited

Recently, an Effing Dykes post sparked a conversation amongst people I would nod at.

The post posits that only dykes do this nod. It also states that it is a way of identifying or disclosing les-be-honest status to a strange diver (that's a lez you don't know). Though I fully respect the notion of the dyke nod, we all know it is not strictly a lesbian thing.

In fact, it is first and foremost a black thing. Think about black people...we have money to spend, moves to make, appointments to be late for.

We can't just talk to everybody. Every black person thinks they're important. It's what you do when you are widely viewed as a second class citizen. When there's no time to talk, we nod and keep it moving.

The difference lies here...lezzies nod at people they know AND strange divers. Black people nod at people they know. That's it. You will never catch a black person nodding at another black person just cuz they're black. Even if we're the only two in the room. We might give a 'damn these white people are crazy look' but both parties would be nodless. We don't nod because it could easily end up like this.

When I'm one of a small amount of black people somewhere, I'm not going..."hey good to see you." I'm going, "Wait. What the fuck are you doing here?" As alienating as being the only black person somewhere is, it kinda makes you feel special every now and then. I mean, I am doing all the white people here a huge favor. I'm bringing some diversity to the group. Some "flavor" if you will.

It's a hard job but somebody's gotta do it. And every now and then, I might put wheat straw in my mouth, grab a pitchfork, and grimace menacingly that we have enough of your kind 'round here.

I do not deny the plurality of the nod but 'Sup. And a nod. Really? Who do you think came up with that?


  1. i nod too. but i think it's mostly for comic effect.

  2. I agree but not completely. A lot of black folks, especially in the south, nod at black folks just cuz they are black. My dad used to do it when I was growin up and I'd be like, "daddy do you know him?" He'd often say no. It was like a non verbal acknowledgement.

  3. appointments to be late for...ha!

    yea, i nod all the time. glad you set the record straight.