Ugly shoes

Toms shoes are ugly. If you are pulled in by the whole buy one, then we donate one ploy, I have a suggestion. Buy some better looking shoes and then walk your ass to a non-profit and donate however much those shoes cost. Have you looked at the prices of Toms? They're not even cheap. You can't be expensive AND ugly. That's not how it works. 70 bucks for shoes that look like they were made by Muppets. This is just absurd. Do people wear these? I mean I know white people don't care how their shoes look as evidenced by Pretty Little Liars but come on.
*But seriously did you guys see on Pretty Little Liars when two, count it, TWO characters got their shoes all muddy and dirty and they wore them to school anyway? To HIGH SCHOOL. Who does that? Not black people. Moreblackcharactersonteeveeplease.


  1. Ma'am not all white people are sneaker illiterate. Some of us care about our kicks. Lock it up!

  2. check out #4

  3. hahaha their shoes were maaad dirty on pretty little liars...i was embarassed for them