Hello friendos,

I decided to start this blog after writing a long e-mail to my friends. Not because I had a lot to say. Because I had nothing better to do. This should also prevent me from being bored this summer. Netflix can only keep one entertained for so long. Do not fear. There are plenty of movies in my Netflix instant queue (suggestions are welcome). Since I do not have employment options after summer, I thought I would make a list. Hopefully these positions are hiring.

Professional reader of autostraddle

Naming the plans to clean up the oil spill. At this point they should just name it “Not Gonna Work.”

Naya Rivera’s full-time groupie. I’ll even do that stupid dance. It’s better than shucking and jiving.

Pimp slapper. Confuddled? Let me explain. I wouldn’t be slapping just anyone. Only pimps. Payback is a bitch.

Pro trampoline dodgeball player. I haven’t actually played yet but I’m sure I’ll be good at it. Jumping from bed like object to bed like object while avoiding balls? I think I got this one down.

And last but not least, Ninja.

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