Beyonce wears some make-up. Ignorance leads to blackface accusations. People are angry.

By now you might have heard about Beyonce's "make-up incident."
Media outlets across the globe are saying this is blackface and asking if it's racist because people only care about whether things are racist when it doesn't actually affect anything or matter at all really. Who the hell would have known about this photo shoot without the makeup? It seems like it was a random act of fashion or a publicity stunt by L'Officiel Paris at the worst. And the fashion industry puts white models in actual black face all the time! But no one knows because who the fuck is reading fashion magazines. The girls on American's Next Top Model don't even look at that ish. Furthermore, it (like most of the other magazine with questionable shoots) is not even an American magazine which changes everything. These French people were probably too busy drinking wine and being le tired to be bothered with researching the possible implications of putting dark make-up on Beyonce. Everytime someone puts on dark make-up, it is not blackface. Blackface is a particular type of composition.
You can feel how you want about the various croppings up of this mainstream toned down blackface as you want (30 Rock, Tropic Thunder, etc.) but come on. This is not blackface.
Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder
Nowadays people can imagine a lot of things. Charlize Theron as ugly, Big Bang Theory as a good show, Taylor Swift as an actress, but imagining someone as a different race is too much of a stretch of the imagination for Americans.
Charlize Theron in Monster
It's why putting a white or black actor in makeup to make them appear a different race is so risky. If it works, it's comedy gold. If it doesn't someone might call you racist for like...a week.
Eddie Murphy in an SNL sketch
Where are all these people when Beyonce has a noticeably lighter face? Gabourey Sidibe was on the cover of Elle looking like Michael Jackson and how many people cared? African-American males have their complexions darkened in various forms of media to seem more menacing/dangerous/BLACK and that never gets attention.
The real discriminatory practices carry on once again because people only pay attention to what the media says is wrong. In conclusion, people are stupid and I'm more angry about their stupidity than whatever act was supposed to be offensive in the first place.

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