5 'P' jobs black people rarely have

Snoop Dogg in Soul Plane
We could give a whole new meaning to flying high. Could you imagine how much ass a black pilot could get? Imagine if the All State Guy's voice came over the system. His sex life would be like his flights. Non-stop
Edward Bouchet

Does anyone know what actual physicists do? No. They're the producers of the science world.

 Park ranger
You can read about one here.

Word to Easy

I think another minority already has this on lock sooo...

Pretty much anytime there's a black national group of some profession, it means we're lacking numbers. You might have heard of the National Society of Black Engineers but have you heard of the National Society of Black Athletes? African-American Postal Workers of America? The United Front of Negro Hairdressers? Didn't think so. Black people. Go forth, get these jobs, and be pretentious!

Ease on down the road, niggas

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