Parenting Privileged Kids 101

Why is everyone always so down when it turns out their kid is different? Why is everyone’s dream for their child to follow the path of least resistance? I think being different or discriminated against can be a good thing when you don’t wind up in jail, seriously injured, emotionally scarred, or dead. I mean I’m the product of a teen mother. I was illegitimate. Everyone knew I was coming out black. And shortly after that I was sexed female. I was down 20 at the half before I even got in the game and I think I turned out alright.

Challenges either make you a better person or they run you into the ground. So what I’m saying is if your kid is already privileged as shit, maybe you need to wish some hardship on them. Force them to be left-handed. Encourage them to become Jewish or Muslim or even to practice Voo Doo. The next time your spoiled ass kid sits you down and wants to have a talk with you, cross your fingers and hope that they about to tell you they’re gay or in an interracial relationship or something along those lines. Otherwise they’ll probably end up a bigoted asshole and we have enough of those. You wanna make the world a better place? Wish something bad on your kid and lower their chances of growing up to be a jackass.