What does it look like?

Why do people ask really obvious questions? That was a really obvious question - because they're stupid.

Regardless, I hate it. Sometimes it really bugs me. If I'm sitting on the couch eating a brownie and watching TV, why would you ask me what I'm doing. I'm sitting on the couch eating a brownie and watching TV. How was that not apparent? My little brother does the same thing. He knows what I'm doing; he asks because he wants me to pay attention to him. However, he knows that questions are preferable to throwing a temper tantrum. Grown ass humans seem not to have picked up on this. Because if I were to respond to with "uh, sitting on the fucking couch eating a brownie and watching TV" all of a sudden I'm the bad guy and there's a "problem." Probably has to do with the fact that I would most definitely add the word fucking and say it with a slight attitude but what do you want from me? What am I supposed to say in this situation?

Building an A-bomb.
Washing the car I don't have.
Teaching myself French silently.

All of these would be lies. And they would say, "no, you're not." And then I would say, "Well what am I doing then?" And then they would answer their own damn question because anyone with eyes would have known that I was sitting on a couch eating a delicious brownie. Or not delicious because even if it wasn't that good, who doesn't finish a brownie ya know?

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