Don't ruin Brittana Day

On my way home, I saw a girl jump a dude.

No one did this and it made me sad.

Everyone just sat their quietly continuing their business. Made me wonder what people think in that situation. My first instinct is to determine the likelihood that they have a weapon that could do me damage. Didn't look like they did so I sat there. Ilooked out the window, and listened to my iPod like it wasn't happening. I had this whole funny way to tell this story planned out in my head but I can't bring myself to do it. I can't bring myself to make a joke about how a ghetto Oprah appeared out of nowhere after the altercation was over. How did she know it was going on? She swooped in like her nigga moment radar had gone off and she was there to save the day.

It's bringing me down. It brought me down. I'd shared Brittana Day with two awesome gaydies, I'd gotten some good news about a certain hobby of mine, I'd had a decent night at the club and the way my day ends is by two black people fighting on the train? What kind of self-respect (or lack of) do you have to just attack someone on public transportation? I know it's public transit and crazy stuff happens all the time (a guy told me about how he got off a light rail because there was a homeless guy jacking off) but that doesn't mean I was ok with seeing it. Just sad. It almost makes me want to do something to help prevent stuff like this from happening. Almost.

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