Things B likes

Making a best of 2010 playlist would be difficult and I think I would be judged. Instead I'm gonna make a short list of things people need to stop sleeping on IN LIFE.

Childish Gambino
You don't get tired of his music. You just don't. The realness of Cudi, enough indie beats to shake your fist at, and outright hilarious punchlines. Listen to Culdesac. In a weird way it's motivating. In a not so weird way it's simply fantastic.

30 Rock

This show just doesn't have the viewers to keep it on air for as long as it should be...which is FOREVER. I know that saying this makes me the typical liberal-educated-fancyshmance viewer this show is known for but seriously. If you don't like 30 Rock, it's probably because you're not smart enough. There I said it. Whooo. Glad I got that off my chest.

Non-American TV

I know, I know. I thought everyone in the world just watched our TV dubbed in whatever language. Surprise! They don't. I'm willing to bet if you looked into shows from other English speaking countries, you would find something you really really like.

Barack Obama

Payafuckingttention. We all expected him to be perfect and cleary he's not. But look at the way he's failed compared to how other people have. He's making moves we haven't seen since The Great Society. I think we can all think of people who are just TOO conservative. Where are the people that are TOO liberal? There's your new life goal.

All the problems with Glee

I LOVE GLEE. But for realzies that shit be mad sexist, slightly racist, and just an overall disappointment at times. Which kinda doesn't work when you're trying to teach America all these lessons. In some instances, it completely shifts the blame and avoids the underlying issues to the phenomenons it attempts to confront. But what do you expect. It's from the guy that wrote Nip/Tuck. Not the deepest person on the planet.

Dino Nugget Quesadillas

If you STILL have not listened to me and made a quesadilla with chicken nuggets and Mexican cheese, kill yourself.

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