Adoption and aboption

A while ago I realized I only want a kid so I can name it. Some people say I should just get a pet.

There are plenty of reasons to not smuggle a human into this world via a vagina. For one, I have plenty of brothers and sisters. Somehow my sisters have managed not to be on 16 and pregnant but I figure eventually someone will have a little accident of their own. Then I can just play with their kid whenever I want. Another option is adoption. Wow, it even has the word option in it. Maybe they should call abortion aboption so it could have the word option in it, too.

I think adoption is a good idea because I would be able to do stuff to those kids that I wouldn't to a kid I pushed send them to a private high school. I wouldn't do that to my own children because in my mind, it sucks. Adopted kids would just be grateful for the opportunity.

Right now, I can't afford any of these options. I would settle for going to a hospital and suggesting names for other people's babies but I can't even pay for the cab to get there.


  1. Ha. We should start a "pro-aboption" campaign.

  2. you could create a website for naming babies and help couples who have serious problems coming up with names! and charge a very small price! that way, youll make money AND do what you love to do!